Was my email account or computer hacked into?


This morning I noticed that my yahoo mail account had sent an email to all my contacts. I changed my password and reset my security questions. Is it safe now?

Also, after reading online, I'm wonder what exactly happened:
Was my email hacked? OR
Did someone use a "side script" to use my email address? OR
Was my computer hacked into?

If anyone can clarify which probably happened and how to prevent any future attempts, that'd be great. I really hope my computer hasn't been hacked. I'm very safe and I never open spam mail or anything, so I don't even know how this happened. I noticed this only happened after I started using Microsoft Outlook to read my email. Any help will be appreciated. If you need to know more info, please ask and I'll add it. Thanks in advance!
Also if it helps, when I go to my sent messages, that SPAM email is not there.
Oh and I always have Malwarebytes, Avast, and Ad-aware running at all times. I never use public computers. And I use Chrome with Ad-Block and WOT. Is there any other software I should be using to protect my computer? And worst case scenario, could someone have gotten in by key logging? I don't understand how someone could've hacked my computer. I always take precautions and have never had any problems like this until now. I'm kind of freaking out since something like this has never happened to me before and I really hope my computer isn't what's affected.
Just completed a full scan using Malwarebytes, Avast, and Ad-aware - all of which come back with 0 infected files. Could it be something that none of those 3 detected? If not, then how did my email get hacked, send an email, and leave no trace??

Yes it is possible that your computer got hacked. It is also possible that you have a spyware infection. Scan your computer with this:

See if it finds something. If it did, change your password again. It may have been compromised by the spyware.

I hope you also have a decent antivirus.

In addition, stop using public proxy servers if you were in the recent past. That's usually how people get hacked. Read this for more info:

A computer connection hack?


I have a wifi. i think its pretty secure and everything.

but my neighbors/friends live next door and they wanna use it too so i figure hey im payin anyways.

is it possible for them to spy on me and get my passwords and stuff?

can they do it without having some spyware or virus or stuff like that installed into my computer?
lol i'd be the one that watches youtube and movies alot

but still, it always gets awkward when someone asks to use my wifi

lose-lose situation for me.

its good to know they cant hack into my computer by sharing wifi
my wifi password protected and everything

yes they can get all of your info. shut down your computer whenever they want. remotely add viruses to your computer and delete your user accounts

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